Let’s say you have the opportunity to play European Roulette. European roulette wheels will be available in most online casinos. It is not always so simple in America. They are usually limited to higher stakes tables and are not as popular with the Casinos. So it’s no surprise that American Roulette wheels offer double the chances of losing.

Although there is a slight variation in the number distributions between the two wheels, it doesn’t affect your chances of winning. These distributions were carefully calculated to avoid biases in odds, evens reds, and blacks. These numbers would make it more likely that a roulette wheel is biased because of spins or dealers pitching for particular areas.

It is essential to know the differences between European and American Roulette wheels. The American Wheel includes an extra ‘0″ slot that effectively doubles the house edge. The American Roulette wheel will result in a loss of 5.26%, which is the house’s advantage. The odds of winning on a European standard spin are 2.7%. This can be reduced to 1.35% if you use other standard rules like La Partage. This is a significant statistical distinction.

Bottom line: If you play American roulette, your chances of losing are twice as high as if played on a French or European wheel. Suppose you notice two zeros on your reel while playing online roulette or in a casino; it’s best to cash out immediately. Even though American roulette wheels are unique, they favor the house. This shows the amount of planning and thought that went into these bets.

For years, I have had great fun playing roulette worldwide (but only on European Roulette wheels). There are many excellent online casinos. If you are tired of playing online casino roulette against computer algorithms, or computer-generated wheels, I recommend that you read my review.