I was in Australia last month for the business deal as I work in the accounting firm. The whole tour was awesome and I enjoyed a lot with many modifications in my life. There are many companies which were available in the meeting and I got a friend of my school days. We both were very much happy and he told me to meet me in evening.

We both meet there and he took me to the casino. We had some hard drink and because of his insistent I tried my luck over the poker machine. By his help I found my wallet full and was very happy. I loved it a lot. I asked my friend about any other medium of that then he told me about the online poker machine. Without wasting any moment I took my mobile out and went for the visit.

There were many suggestions of games which confused me so to get rid of that I asked my friend. He told me to go for the reading of the review and also love you to go for the same. When I went for the review I loved Big 5, so I downloaded in my android phone.

Now I am in that position that I can tell you the best way to make the win. Big 5 is based on the concept of the wild animals which are found in the jungles. They are available on the screen in form of animated icons and the simple task which you will have to perform is to align them in the active slots and then hit them during the active reels. There are three reels and single line of pay which is also said to be the winning line. Just make the perfect alignment and hit to get the best form it as prize.