Online casino betting has quickly become one of the most popular online industries. It is easy to see why. Online betting is fast, simple, and offers more markets than traditional high-street betting shops. In 1996, the internet was still a baby. There were only 30 sites that let users place bets on everything from soccer to blackjack. The online gambling industry made a staggering $17million in its early days. This had increased exponentially to more than $3billion by the Millennium and had reached $6billion by 2003 in the US.

It is a staggering amount of money when considering the worldwide online betting turnover. The gambling board of Great Britain reported that the global turnover for all gambling in 2001 was PS638billion, with PS21billion being wagered online. This was a PS9billion share of online betting.

There were huge profits to be had, so it’s no surprise that the big bookers flocked to the internet quickly to take advantage of the opportunity. Specialist sites started to appear everywhere, in addition to the established brands. These sites didn’t have a real-world presence and were created to attract many punters who wanted to place their bets online. There are over 50,000 websites available today to place your bets. Again, it’s not surprising that so many online gambling sites. The Online Gambling, Research, and Markets Group predict that the worldwide turnover of online betting will exceed $125 billion by 2015.

With the number of people betting online increasing, it is evident that this trend will continue. Online betting is a more exciting way to enjoy their sport and may even help you make a little extra cash. However, if you want to win big, you will need to be a bookmaker.